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LifterLMS Review – A Learning Management System for WordPress – WP Mayor

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Speed up your site with these two simple steps – Minimal Genesis

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Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress – Tuts Code Tutorials

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Tips for Simplifying WordPress to Make it Client-Friendly – WPMU DEV

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Wocker: Create a Docker-Based WordPress Development Environment in 3 Seconds

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Digital Ocean Tips | WP Theming

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Using Gulp for WordPress Theme Development – Matt Banks

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The WordPress JSON REST API | Post Status

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My food rating system

Effects of eating food with the following ratings: ***** (five stars) Reverent silence. Praising God in heaven. Joy to be alive. Upper torso slowly rocking back and forth. Hope people aren’t staring. Whatever. Later, embarrassing gushing. **** (four stars) Slow deep breaths and contemplation. Gratitude. May hear a rousing hymn, or Stars and Stripes Forever. Soon, babbling. […]