A southern U.S. New Years tradition: blackeye peas and cornbread

Interns need food too

Taken at Grace Bible Church  

Readability. You want this

When you try to read a website, you want to avoid ad clutter, landmines and stuff that flies across the screen. The free Readability bookmarklet for Firefox, Safari and Chrome may be the best way. Before Readability: After Readability:

Huerta’s Taqueria

Much flavor. Much food. Located behind the under-construction Agrilife Headquarters building around lunchtime. (See approximate location on Google Maps.) It may be helpful to beat the construction workers by getting there around 11:45 or so. Note that they leave at 12:10-12:20 once everyone’s served. Then, enjoy your meal on the nice tables in the Texas A&M Holistic […]


Shot using ShakeItPhoto, a cool iPhone Polaroid emulator. This app mimics that old camera’s style right down to the sound, having to shake it to speed up its “development”, and the color effect.  

AIR: what is it good for?

Still trying to figure out the practical usefulness of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). Interesting points in the second paragraph of this Adobe blog: AIR as “PDF of the Web 2.0”. He’s proposing that AIR do for all (other) mobile devices what the App Store is doing for the iPhone. AIR bascially lets you take […]

Good free, online video utilities

Even though we use all the high-dollar professional video editors and encoders at my work, for personal stuff and recommendations I always try to watch for what’s out there free, keeping track of them in my Google Notebook. A recent article on this subject on Lifehacker reminded me of some of these, and the comments […]

Learning Flash/ActionScript

We had some discussion at the last meeting re. Flash and its scripting language, ActionScript. Flash started as an animation program, using a keyframe/timeline model, and it can still be used this way. But to achieve the full power of the modern Flash, you’ll want to learn some ActionScript. ActionScript is now at version 3.0, […]

Ubuntu LAMP Server Installation: thanks Karsten!

At the April meeting, Karsten Pearce walked us through the steps for an Ubuntu LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) installation. Here are the notes he used for this presentation, which he compiled from various online sources: LAMP Setup (PDF). One thing he recommended is, that if you’re planning to do a dual-boot setup with Windows, […]

Interesting web stats

If the global web stats from this site are close to right: less than half the people still use IE6 one in five uses IE7 one in four uses Firefox one in 50 uses Safari only one in twelve still have 800×600 resolution eleven of twelve search with Google I first saw these linked from […]