My food rating system

Effects of eating food with the following ratings: ***** (five stars) Reverent silence. Praising God in heaven. Joy to be alive. Upper torso slowly rocking back and forth. Hope people aren’t staring. Whatever. Later, embarrassing gushing. **** (four stars) Slow deep breaths and contemplation. Gratitude. May hear a rousing hymn, or Stars and Stripes Forever. Soon, babbling. […]

The best fish tacos overflow the plate

From the amazing Fuego Tortilla Grill in College Station. Mysteriously wonderful food. In a good, er, great way.

Grocery store sushi rolls

#embarassedilikeitbutido Twenty years ago when I lived overseas, I loved that I could get sushi rolls at the grocery. In the past several years I now see them in just about every grocery here. Very nice, especially when they’re good (like these from the Kroger in Bryan).

Frito-Lay: cool company

Big clump of spice (“cheddar and sour cream”) in my Ruffles. Called the 800 number; no hold time and they’re sending coupons for replacement chips. Even when I told them they didn’t need to since I’ll be using this spice anyway. Cool company. Update: $2 worth of coupons sent (double what I paid for the […]

Flash Player everywhere. :-/

And kind of pushy  

Chalupa. Taco. Warm. Juicy. Drool

Taken at Coco Loco    

A southern U.S. New Years tradition: blackeye peas and cornbread

Huerta’s Taqueria

Much flavor. Much food. Located behind the under-construction Agrilife Headquarters building around lunchtime. (See approximate location on Google Maps.) It may be helpful to beat the construction workers by getting there around 11:45 or so. Note that they leave at 12:10-12:20 once everyone’s served. Then, enjoy your meal on the nice tables in the Texas A&M Holistic […]


Shot using ShakeItPhoto, a cool iPhone Polaroid emulator. This app mimics that old camera’s style right down to the sound, having to shake it to speed up its “development”, and the color effect.