ActionScript 3 Class Diagram and Flex Framework Diagram Posters Available

For anyone interested in Actionscript 3/Flash 9 or Flex 2, I have some free 4 x 3 posters sent to our group by Adobe. Here are PDFs so you can see what they are:

ActionScript 3 Class Diagram (PDF)

Flex Framework Diagram (PDF)

I’m in 233 Gilchrist out by the Bush School; we have no-tag-required 30-minute parking so you could just come by and get some (email or call 862-3737 first to make sure I’m here), or I can bring them to a meeting for you to pick up there. Just let me know.


  1. Thanks for the links. keep in touch.

  2. Hello, I heard you can get them if you have a licence of Flash, can you tell me where? I would like to have an actionscript 3 classes poster…

  3. Terry, I’m sorry I don’t know about Adobe giving these posters to licensed Flash owners. I had a few dozen of them when I made this post (2 years ago now), but unfortunately, I’m out of them now.

    Hope you’re able to find some.

    Mark Coppock


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