Learning Flash/ActionScript

We had some discussion at the last meeting re. Flash and its scripting language, ActionScript. Flash started as an animation program, using a keyframe/timeline model, and it can still be used this way. But to achieve the full power of the modern Flash, you’ll want to learn some ActionScript. ActionScript is now at version 3.0, […]

AccessU report

Here are my AccessU notes as a public Google notebook*. Just the stuff in the named section is specific to the conference. My AccessU Powerpoint presentation for the May 15 meeting. Overall, an excellent conference. I’ll report on the accessibility subjects covered there at the May 15 meeting. A few things new to me: General […]

lynda.com account request; subscription price discount for re-up

As promised in the meeting Mar. 20, I officially requested a free BVAUG User Group account from lynda.com. I submitted the request Apr. 3. So far, just an automated response. For personal subscriptions, I mentioned that the premium service at lynda.com is $375/year.* However, just this week I re-subscribed to lynda.com at work and received […]