Good free, online video utilities

Even though we use all the high-dollar professional video editors and encoders at my work, for personal stuff and recommendations I always try to watch for what’s out there free, keeping track of them in my Google Notebook. A recent article on this subject on Lifehacker reminded me of some of these, and the comments […]

Learning Flash/ActionScript

We had some discussion at the last meeting re. Flash and its scripting language, ActionScript. Flash started as an animation program, using a keyframe/timeline model, and it can still be used this way. But to achieve the full power of the modern Flash, you’ll want to learn some ActionScript. ActionScript is now at version 3.0, […]

Ubuntu LAMP Server Installation: thanks Karsten!

At the April meeting, Karsten Pearce walked us through the steps for an Ubuntu LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) installation. Here are the notes he used for this presentation, which he compiled from various online sources: LAMP Setup (PDF). One thing he recommended is, that if you’re planning to do a dual-boot setup with Windows, […]

MAX 2007 Report

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting last week for the MAX 2007 Report. Here’s the presentation file: MAX 2007 Report PowerPoint. This file is a summary of my conference notes. Here’s the discussion outline/intro screen: Intro Keynotes/General Sessions Selected Sessions Special Interest Conclusions Questions/Comments Here’s the conclusions/summary screen: AIR is the current Big […]

Notes from MAX

I’m at the Adobe MAX convention this week and will give a report on the Adobe announcements etc. at our October meeting. In the meantime, here are the notes I’m taking in a public Google Notebook. The sections show up in reverse chronological order (newest first). I’ll continue to add to it through Wednesday. Hope […]

Adobe Community Summit report

The following is an HTML version of the the PowerPoint file from today’s presentation. These are talking points only; if you have questions email me or check the Adobe site. What’s in it for you? Make professional plans based on what’s coming up in the future Download beta apps sooner to evaluate, and perhaps influence […]

Great free stuff—how should we choose who gets what?

Some great giveaways coming up, to be topped off with one fortunate person receiving any Adobe software package up to $2,100 in value. Very cool. Adobe will give this away once every six months, suggesting “the best method for awarding the software is to hold a contest for members that runs for the duration of […]

AccessU report additions

I’d forgotten to transfer some notes I took on my PDA at one of the AccessU lunch presentations. I’ve now put them in the public Google notebook; I’ll put them here as well: make accessibility for your site(s) a part of the editorial process, a performance measure formal plan for conversion to accessibility: WebAIM 8-Step […]

AccessU report

Here are my AccessU notes as a public Google notebook*. Just the stuff in the named section is specific to the conference. My AccessU Powerpoint presentation for the May 15 meeting. Overall, an excellent conference. I’ll report on the accessibility subjects covered there at the May 15 meeting. A few things new to me: General […]

ActionScript 3 Class Diagram and Flex Framework Diagram Posters Available

For anyone interested in Actionscript 3/Flash 9 or Flex 2, I have some free 4 x 3 posters sent to our group by Adobe. Here are PDFs so you can see what they are: ActionScript 3 Class Diagram (PDF) Flex Framework Diagram (PDF) I’m in 233 Gilchrist out by the Bush School; we have no-tag-required […]